Our process is highly refined brand positioning —it’s progressive, innovative, and unique. By following a strategic road map, we build successful brands that distinguish your company’s product or service.  

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  1. DIRECTIONS: Define and Research
The objective in this stage is to understand the client’s goals. By defining all the parameters and budgets of the project, we determine what challenges lie ahead.
> Research/ Workshops/ Evaluate the brand
> Determine brand attributes and advantages
> Review the project timeline and budgets
> Determine objectives and budget

Now that we have a better grasp of the client’s environment, we begin to develop the design concepts.
> Brainstorming
> Thumbnails
> Initial designs and concepts presented
> Client approves concept

Refine the design concepts and present directions to the client.
> Design development and refinement
> Feedback and revisions*
> Approve designs
> Refinement

This phase incorporates final production and delivery of art files to appropriate subcontractor or printer.
> Apply to other components of the program
> Final client approval
> Production
> Final Brand Destination™

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