9MYLES, INC. is a brand communications company committed to recharging existing brands and launching new ones. 9MYLES delivers innovative solutions and break-through ideas in the areas of brand development, corporate identity, advertising, packaging, website design, product design, and special events.  

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Brand DNA
  - Research & Analysis
  - Work Shop
  - Personality Statement
  - Competitive Audit
Brand Revitalization
Brand Building & Development
Strategic & Creative Development
Brand Identity Systems
Production and Implementation
Print Advertising
Print Collateral & Communications*
Poster Design*
Websites & Interactive Media
Event and Environment
Packaging & Product Design*
Lifestyle & Outdoor Photography

*9MYLES uses FSC Certified printers
and paper companies, and prints on
environmentally-conscious papers,
with soy-based inks. We do our best
to use local resources and printers
and encourage using recycled paper
or paper manufactured from
post-consumer waste (PCW).